“Clinical support and enhanced patient management have resulted from the incorporation of scribes into our patient care management.”

            -- Dr. James E. Pierog, Emergency Department Director

“Scribes increase clinical documentation efficiency.”

-- Dr. Claudia Gold, Emergency Physician

“Take the pen out of my hand and let me spend more time with my patients!”

-- Dr. Brad LaRocca, Emergency Physician

“The effort spent after shift documenting patient care has been eliminated and directed toward concurrent patient care documentation.”

-- Dr. Paul Sheikewitz, Emergency Physician

“Scribing for EMSOC provided the clinical experience I needed for a complete medical school application.”

            -- Omar Guzman, Medical Student

“Bridging a desire for becoming a physician with actual emergency department experience as a scribe, greatly improved my opportunities for medical school acceptance.”

            -- Karen Espino, Medical Student